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Hurricane Rated Reinforced Garage Doors, Impact Garage Doors and Hurricane Kits

Hurricane Rated Reinforced Garage Doors, Impact Garage Doors and Hurricane Kits

Daytona Beach, Florida, located along the state's eastern coast, has a history of being impacted by hurricanes. Some notable hurricanes that have affected the Daytona Beach area:

Hurricane David (1979): In September 1979, Hurricane David passed just east of Daytona Beach as a Category 2 hurricane. While it did not make direct landfall, the area experienced strong winds, storm surge, and heavy rainfall.

Hurricane Floyd (1999): In September 1999, Hurricane Floyd approached the east coast of Florida as a major hurricane. While the eye of the storm stayed offshore, Daytona Beach still experienced hurricane-force winds and significant storm surge. Evacuations were ordered for the area.

Hurricane Charley (2004): In August 2004, Hurricane Charley made landfall on the southwestern coast of Florida. Although Daytona Beach was not in the direct path of the eye, the area experienced tropical storm-force winds, heavy rainfall, and some storm surge.

Hurricane Frances (2004): In September 2004, Hurricane Frances made landfall on the east coast of Florida as a Category 2 hurricane. Daytona Beach experienced strong winds, heavy rain, and significant storm surge, resulting in widespread power outages and damage to buildings and infrastructure.

Hurricane Jeanne (2004): Just a few weeks after Frances, in September 2004, Hurricane Jeanne made landfall near Stuart, Florida. Daytona Beach again experienced strong winds, heavy rainfall, and storm surge, causing further damage and flooding.

Hurricane Matthew (2016): In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew impacted the east coast of Florida as a major hurricane. Although the eye stayed offshore, Daytona Beach experienced significant storm surge, high winds, and heavy rainfall. Evacuations were ordered, and the area suffered beach erosion and some property damage.

Hurricane Nicole hit Daytona Beach in November 2022. Nicole caused widespread damage in Daytona Beach, including power outages, flooding, and structural damage to homes and businesses. The total cost of damage in Daytona Beach was estimated to be over $500 million.

Quality Garage Door Services has decades of experience preparing residents of Volusia County for hurricane force winds directed at their homes. Its a very serious issue to either reinforce your garage door for up to 160MPH winds or purchase and install a new hurricane rated, impact rated overhead garage door.

Quality can provide you with a top brand hurricane rated door from Clopay or Hurricane Master and give you peace of mind. Impact rated garage doors are tax free! Give us a call and we will help you understand your options and provide you with the best price on a hurricane wind rated door! We also offer Hurricane Kits that reinforce your existing garage door and make it much stronger to resist over 200 MPH winds!


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